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Title: Passport to Paradise/2009
Post by: mdkenko on February 13, 2020, 07:23:07 AM
 Passport to Paradise
 Build/Tycoon/Strategy Game
 In Passport to Paradise, you'll meet Kate Summers – a busy real estate executive from New York. Kate is on vacation from the daily grind, and the beach resort she is visiting turns out to be a total mess! Your job is to help Kate turn a failing resort into a tropical paradise. Along the way you will build accommodations and sightseeing attractions, manage the resort's cash flow, and upgrade natural attractions such as hot springs and a volcano. Harness your real estate skills to help her turn the island of Pulau Kelapa and 4 other tropical islands into world-class beach resorts in Passport to Paradise!
 Game Features:
 •   Research blueprints for 42 unique, upgradable resort buildings
 •   Earn up to 30 beach-themed souvenirs to bring home as you reach achievements in-game
 •   15 upgradable natural attractions
 •   Goal-based story mode tells a compelling story while challenging the player
 •   Sandbox mode allows players to play each island in freeform mode
 63 MB