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Title: Heroes of Rome 2: The Revenge of Discordia
Post by: PimPa on August 27, 2020, 01:18:42 PM
 Heroes of Rome 2: The Revenge of Discordia
 Resource Management Game
 Caesar and Cleopatra were kidnapped by the Roman goddess Discordia! Don't lose time and embark on a journey full of adventure, myths and legends. Defeat terrible monsters and solve tricky tasks! Build new settlements, eliminate
 destroy roads and face insurmountable obstacles in this exciting time management adventure.
 Can you manage to free Caesar and Cleopatra from the clutches of the goddess of revenge in time?
 Find out in the second part of this game series.
 Game Features:
 - Adventure in the Roman Age
 - Many challenging and exciting levels
 - Adventures in forests and caves, snow and ice landscapes, swamp, volcano and mountain landscapes
 - Awards and trophies
 - No time limit mode for a relaxed gaming experience
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