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Title: Grim Tales 18: The Generous Gift Collector's Edition
Post by: PimPa on September 15, 2020, 04:13:54 PM
 Grim Tales 18: The Generous Gift Collector's Edition
 Hidden Object/Adventure Game
 Elephant Games proudly brings you the next exciting chapter in the Gray Family saga in Grim Tales: The Generous Gift. When a mysterious birthday present arrives for Anna Gray's daughter, Alice, the stage is set for a complex and dangerous kidnapping plot. Now, Alice is missing, and someone is busy tying up loose ends. Can you help Anna follow the clues to learn the kidnapper's identity and get her daughter back, without becoming the next victim herself? Find out in this intense new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!
 Collector's Edition Features:
 Stop a mysterious time traveler from destroying time itself in the bonus game!
 Replay your favourite HOPs and mini-games, and find out what's behind the Secret Door!
 Tons of collectibles and morphs to find!
 Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, concept art, screensavers, music, and more!
 Never get lost with the strategy guide!
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