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The Enthralling Realms 2: An Alchemist's Tale
« on: March 25, 2018, 06:29:30 PM »

When an experiment goes terribly wrong, Coral accidentally causes the death of Iris. Stricken with grief and expelled from the academy, Coral sets out on a journey to master her skills as an alchemist and find a way to save Iris. But is it possible to revive the dead? And can Coral find these answers while selling potions and talismans to the people who need her help? One thing is certain: she won’t give up without a fight!

Game Features:
- A story of love, atonement, and hope as a young alchemist tries to undo a terrible mistake
- 20 alchemical potions and items to master
- 5 regions filled with special ingredients and new customers
- A variety of unique customers, both human and otherwise

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