Author Topic: The Andersen Accounts: Chapter One Collector's Edition  (Read 281 times)

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The Andersen Accounts: Chapter One Collector's Edition
« on: April 10, 2018, 08:27:35 AM »

Eipix Entertainment proudly presents a new magical thriller series in The Andersen Accounts!
 A happy reunion with an old friend quickly turns dark when she's kidnapped by an unknown assailant! With a rise in people using magical ink to gain incredible powers, nothing's as it seems in Bay City. It's up to you to traverse a dangerous city filled with fabled foes to save your friend and the place you call home! Do you have what it takes? Find out in this spine-tingling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

The Collector's Edition Includes:
 •   Assist the police in Operation: Three Little Pigs in the bonus chapter!
 •   Find a secret Little Red Riding Hood in every scene!
 •   Lots of collectible souvenirs, morphing objects to find too!
 •   Earn achievements and replay your favourite mini-games and HOPs.
 •   Enjoy exclusive screensavers, wallpapers, concept art, and more!

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