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Carl the Caveman wants to enjoy Christmas, but when he wakes up eager to open presents, madcap mushrooms are on a rampage and treasure chests are scattered across the prehistoric world he calls home. So he picks up his trusty hammer and sets out on an all-new holiday adventure. As in his first game, Carl must push rocks, smash boulders and avoid traps in order to reach the exit in 60 all-new levels.
Dragons, Goblins and crazed Mushrooms will try to spoil Carl's Christmas celebration, but he can dispose of them by pushing boulders onto their heads. He'll also need to collect keys that open locked doors and use magical springs and teleporters to reach higher ground. It's a challenge, but at least Carl will be able to appreciate the beautiful 3D winter wonderland through which he'll travel. Santa has elves and reindeer to assist him during Christmas. Will you help Carl the Caveman?

Game Features:
� Christmas visuals bursting with color
� Toe-tapping holiday music
� Two campaigns: Snow Challenge and Winter Trap!
� 60 all-new levels to solve
� Free updates and technical support

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