Author Topic: Aztec Tribe 1-2 บุกป่าสร้างเมือง ธีมชุมชนเผ่าAztec  (Read 125 times)

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Aztec Tribe

Resource/Build/Time Management Game

 Eons ago, a peaceful tribe lived in the mountains, enemies surrounding it on every side. To escape, the people sent out scouts to search for a new home in the valley. When the explorers found a suitable spot, the tribe began the process of creating a glorious new civilization!
 Help the budding Aztecs gain a foothold in the ancient world by mining resources and constructing buildings. Then upgrade your structures to attract more citizens, train soldiers and ward off the attacks of a heartless enemy. With stunning animation, colorful visuals and finely-tuned strategic gameplay, Aztec Tribe will keep casual gamers entertained for days on end!

Game Features:
 34 levels of casual gameplay
 Controlled entirely with the mouse
 Simple logic for relaxed game sessions
 Interactive environments add to fun
 Bright and colorful graphics


 55 MB
Aztec Tribe 2: New Land

Resource/Build/Time Management Game

 Once a prosperous people, the Aztecs fell victim to a terrible twist of fate as torrential rains, earthquakes and a volcanic eruption wiped their land clean. Forced to start over elsewhere, the survivors made their way to a valley bursting with fish, poultry and vegetation. As their leader, you must use these resources to restore the band of struggling natives to their former glory!
 Start out with a grass hut and an apple grove; work your way up to a village with water wells, fisheries and logging facilities; and eventually build a thriving capital city with magnificent buildings, gold mines and warriors for protecting the people. Use your mouse to gather resources, build and upgrade buildings, and hire workers; and use your wits to form the best plan of action for each of the game's 34 captivating levels. Packed with challenges, rewards and vibrant visuals, Aztec Tribe: New Land is a village builders dream come true!

Game Features:
Two games modes
34 captivating levels
14 humorous characters
30 achievements

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 87 MB