Author Topic: Alicia Griffith: Lakeside Murder ฆาตกรรม ภาพสวยๆ สนุกๆ  (Read 153 times)

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 Alicia Griffith: Lakeside Murder
 Hidden Object/Adventure Game
 Alicia is a detective from a big city. After a hard case she decided she needed some break from it all and took a vacation. She rent a cabin near the lake in a quiet town in the mountains. But as soon as she arrives she gets a visit from the town's sheriff. Apparently a murder has taken place and he wants Alicia's help. She isn't thrilled with the idea, but since the sheriff is obviously stuck in the investigation she decides to help. Alicia gathers her stuff and meets the sheriff in the cabin where the victim was found. The victim is a female. Her name is Melissa Darling and she was a famous novel writer. Apparently she came here to write her new book. Soon Alicia finds out how unusual the case is. The victim was tied and stabbed in the heart, but only after she had bled to death through the cuts on her wrists. So, why was she stabbed in the heart after she was dead? Another question is - where is the blood? It isn't at the murder location. The sheriff leaves Alicia and asks her to see him in the town if she finds anything important.
 Game Features:
 •   Explore 36 interesting locations : from small lakeside town to old mansion… and beyond
 •   Solve 28 location specific minigames of various difficulties
 •   Encounter 5 colourful characters
 •   Unlock 12 flashback animations
 •   Accomplish 35 achievements throughout the game
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