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« on: August 03, 2019, 04:13:20 PM »
 Release Description:
 Are you ready to escape Elo Hell? With help from as much of the esports industry as we could get our hands on, we’ve made this love-letter to esports culture and how far it’s come since the early days. Join us on an adventure through the eyes of Chance Betzinger, as he makes his journey from average to professional gamer, in the world’s FIRST choice-based, episodic, narrative sitcom game!
 This light-hearted, but mature “coming of age” comedy puts you in the shoes of Chance Betzinger as he lives his life, beginning as a senior in high school. Slowly he’ll discover his skill as a potential professional gamer as he grinds through the hit new game, Echo Star. In the meantime, he’ll go on adventures, make tough choices, and just hang out with his friends.
 Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
 Developer: Exato Game Studios
 Publisher: Exato Game Studios
 Release Name: Elo.Hell-TiNYiSO
 Size: 1.33 GB