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 Hearts Medicine 4: Doctors Oath Collector's Edition
 Dash/Time Management Game
 Follow Allison as she begins her last rotations as an intern at Queensburrow Bridge Hospital, on her path to graduating as a fully-fledged doctor! Unfortunately, things never go smoothly for Allison, and this is no exception. Dr. Ermey, the lead physician during her clinic rotation, seems to have it in for her, and threatens to fail her. Allison ends up watching her chances of becoming a doctor shrink by the minute, desperately searching for a solution, but unable to find one. However, everything gets put on hold when a patient with a mysterious disease is admitted to the hospital. Several doctors end up becoming infected themselves, including Connor, Sophia... and Dr. Ermey. When the CDC quarantines Queensburrow, it's a race against time for Allison and the other doctors to find a cure before more deaths occur.
 Game Features:
 •   Search for medical cures and save lives.
 •   Work in 6 exciting new hospital wards.
 •   Level up your character and earn helpful bonuses.
 •   Play over 240 levels and unlock new story scenes!
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 1.59 GB
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Re: Hearts Medicine 4: Doctors Oath Collector's Edition LEEGT 1.0.7
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