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 Arcana Sands of Destiny Collector's Edition [FINAL]|545 mb
 A dark cloud has settled over Egypt. Ominous beings are crawling over the land like a shadow, destroying everything in their path. You are Jenny Hopkins a brilliant archaeologist on a magical and perilous adventure to discover the dark secrets of Egypt’s past and banish the long forgotten evil from this world. Your fiancé William finds a strange ancient artifact with old writings on it in Egypt. You manage to translate it and travel to Egypt. nly to find out the city of Alexandria plagued with monsters and William very sick. Is it a coincidence or someone has planned for it? Surely not. Embark on an epic Egyptian journey to find out who's behind all of this. Make new friends along the way. Discover magic artifacts. Complete non-repetitive puzzles, mini-games and HO levels. And for mummy's love repel the ancient evil from this world forever.
This is a special Posted Image full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard.
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 - Explore 3 Ancient Realms + Bonus Chapter.
 - More than 5 hours of Gameplay !
 - Unlock 15 Achievements.
 - Hire Companions to help you in your journey.
 - Collect Arcana coins to build your own Palace.
 - Interactive animated characters with voiceovers.
 - Incredible music and sound effects.
 - Hint system to help you through your adventure.
 - Choose Renaissance, Medieval or Arabic style, or mix them and build your style step by step.

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