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Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 7 Collector's Edition
« on: July 21, 2021, 07:26:20 AM »
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 Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 7
 Collector's Edition

 As Cruise Director in charge, enjoy the cruise of a lifetime across 4 continents aboard the fleet’s superb flagship, USS Liberty of the Waves. Visit Mediterranean Islands on a fabulous tall ship, the SS Mediterranean Queen. Explore South America‘s Inca Trail, Antarctica’s South Pole and ride the ultra luxurious African Safari Express Train. Arrange exciting excursions throughout the cruise - visit sensational tourist attractions, see famous landmarks and enjoy both pacific and atlantic highlights. Help passengers to cabins, dining destinations and leisure activities on board and at ports of call while collecting cruise souvenirs!
 Collector's Edition Features:
 •   A Bonus Cruise with more locations
 •   A mega collection of Bonus Puzzles
 •   3 game modes
 •   Unique wallpapers and music player
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