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 Lawless West [FINAL]|449 mb
 Lawless West transports you back to the wild and lawless days of the American West. As the leader of a special task force appointed by the President himself, take on the role of a modern-day Marshall, tasked with restoring order to the western frontier. Complete a variety of dangerous and challenging missions, each one designed to test your strategic thinking and tactical skills. With over 50 levels to conquer, you have ample opportunity to level up characters and develop their skills.
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 The Lawless West features direct involvement in battles, allowing players to take an active role in the action. Dynamic day and night cycles, including a weather change system, dramatically affects the game action. The budget is limited, so players must make strategic decisions on how to best use their resources. With a wide range of missions and levels to tackle, Lawless West is sure to keep players on their toes.
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 * Over 50 levels
 * Leveling up characters
 * Direct player involvement in the battle
 * Day and night levels, weather change


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