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Matthew and Tammy are prosperous restaurateurs. Though their wishes have come true, they still have a fresh trip and experience to look forward to. The heroes embark on a well-earned cruise ship holiday, during which Matthew is set to make a significant life decision. However, fresh issues confront the restaurateurs, causing them to be delayed. Will Tammy and Matthew succeed in feeding the entire ship and preventing the cruise from collapsing, and will this conflict with Matt's unidentified objectives? Learn more in our engrossing tale.

A lot of emotions will be experienced when sailing the world's waters, so be ready!
Discover all the culinary secrets and relish this journey to the utmost!

- Aid Tammy and Matt in preserving their global cruise!
- Over fifty levels with a wide variety of objectives.
- Incredible gaming experience for all ages.
- Simple to learn, rising complexity.
- Excellent food and very appealing dining locations!

new version fixes issues with levels 16 & 32
fixes issues with putting the pizza in the oven and the issue with the spaghetti dish

new updated version feb 19 2014


 Thanx  Velocity

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